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Air Conditioning Repair for Lancaster and Beyond

Have you been feeling the heat in your home more than usual? Are you worried that your air conditioning unit is letting you down at the worst possible time? Don't let a broken A/C unit ruin your summer. When you need emergency service, contact the expert team at Home Climates for all your HVAC needs. Our mission is to keep you cool and comfortable through the hottest months.

Your air conditioning unit works hardest during June, July and August — months when you and your family should be enjoying life. Your home should be your escape from the heat, but air conditioning problems can bring you down in a hurry. Trust Home Climates for your air conditioning repairs, and we’ll work hard to keep you cool just as inexpensively as possible.

We offer 24-hour air conditioning repairs, every day of the week, so you don't have to rearrange your schedule around us. If you live in Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Hershey or surrounding areas we're here for you 24/7!

Excellent Service That Respects Your Home

How many times have you called a plumber or electrician to handle a simple repair, only to end up with stains on your carpet, dusty furniture and more? The Home Climates team knows the importance of respecting your home and your property when you've invited us in. We use drop cloths, booties and protective mats to avoid damaging your carpets, furniture and walls. Our technicians leave no trace that they ever entered your home for air conditioning repairs.

If one of our technicians leaves your home in anything less than immaculate condition, contact our office right away. We'll come by immediately to repair the damage, bringing with us a crisp $100 bill for your trouble. When you need air conditioning repairs, the last thing you want to deal with is an additional mess. Home Climates works to be part of your solution, not part of your problem.

Repairs Before Replacements

Many homeowners hold their breath before calling for service on their air conditioning systems. They fear an expensive replacement, so they try to forget about their issues as long as possible. At Home Climates, we commit to doing everything possible to repair rather than replace your air conditioning unit.

Regular repairs, service and maintenance can help prevent the need for a full replacement — especially when your unit is working hard during the hot summer months. We want to see you cool and comfortable throughout the hottest part of the year, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you minimize the expense of optimizing your air conditioning.

Financing Available

If we come out to do an air conditioning repair and find that a replacement is needed, we offer financing for that! We know that this is a worst-case scenario for homeowners, so we do everything we can to ease your burden and help you cool down without financial stress. We believe every homeowner can benefit from our products — that's why we offer multiple financing options. If you plan to pay in cash you may be eligible for a substantial discount off your AC purchase — talk to our sales team today!

Beat the Heat With Home Climates!

In a humid central Pennsylvania summer, your air conditioning unit is the lifeline that lets you keep enjoying all your favorite activities during the warm months. Nobody knows better than Home Climates that when your A/C breaks down, it affects your quality of life at all levels. Don’t sweat through your summer. If you need emergency air conditioning repairs in Harrisburg, Lancaster and beyond, contact our team today — we'll have you up and running again in no time!