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Residential Drain Cleaning in Lancaster, PA

A backed-up drain can be a significant issue at your home, whether in a bathroom, the kitchen or another location. At Home Climates, we offer drain cleaning in Lancaster, PA, as well as Harrisburg and other Central PA communities. We use our depth of experience to diagnose the reason for your clogged drain, and then we move quickly to fix the problem.

Some of the common causes of clogged drains include:

  • Aging Sewer Lines: All home systems and components give out in time. The same goes for your drains and sewer systems. If your sewer system is decades old and includes parts and materials that are aging, you may begin to experience regular clogs and poor performance.
  • Root Growth: Believe it or not, roots can find their way into your sewer lines through small openings. If this is the cause of clogs and blockage in your sewer system, we can replace the portions of the sewer line affected by root growth.
  • Corrosion: The longer your sewer lines are in use, the more likely they will experience corrosion. This is especially true if your sewer lines are old enough that they aren’t made of plastic. If you’re experiencing corrosion, the team at Home Climates can replace the corroded portions of your lines with new plastic materials that are less likely to experience corrosion in the future.
  • Blockage: It’s always possible that your clog is simply from debris. When you call Home Climates, we go through a diagnostic procedure that helps eliminate possibilities and pinpoint the exact cause of your clog. If it’s blockage, we have the tools and resources to quickly clear the debris and get your sewer system up and running smoothly again.

When we provide drain cleaning in Harrisburg, Elizabethtown and surrounding communities, we offer the following unique services:

  • Cable Drain Cleaning: Cables can be used to push through your sewer lines and fully clear any debris or other blockages. These cables are designed for the perfect blend of flexibility and power, meaning they can take care of tough clogs while navigating the contours of your sewer lines and without causing any damage.
  • Sewer Repair: At times, clogs are a symptom of sewer systems that need specialized repair. At Home Climates, we always pinpoint the exact cause of your clogged drains and sewer lines so we can make the exact repairs needed to get your systems working again.
  • Video Inspections: A big part of the diagnostic process is using advanced tools to identify the issue. These advanced tools include video cameras that can provide a glimpse inside your sewer system without cutting into pipes or walls, and without taking apart your sewer system entirely.

When you need drain cleaning in Mount Joy, Hershey, Lititz, Elizabethtown, Harrisburg, Lancaster and surrounding areas, Home Climates can be your go-to source for fast and effective service.

Contact us today about drain cleaning in Harrisburg and throughout Central PA.