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Ductless Heating and Cooling: The New Choice for Lancaster Homes

We proudly specialize in Mitsubishi mini split installations as well as all other major brands.

These days, more homeowners in Harrisburg, Lancaster and throughout central PA are choosing ductless heating and cooling systems. Ductless - also known as mini-split - systems make a convenient and efficient choice for anyone considering an upgrade to their home HVAC.

Because ductless heating and cooling systems have only recently emerged as a popular alternative to central air, many consumers are unsure about how to choose a product that's appropriate for their home. At Home Climates, we specialize in modern, affordable HVAC installations. We can help you choose the best unit for your budget.

how ductless heating and cooling systems work

Ductless cooling and heating systems consist of a main compressor unit that is installed outside the home as well as a series of indoor air handlers. Rather than using your home's ducts, these air handlers are connected via a small conduit that runs through your walls. This simplifies the installation process and reduces the amount of energy loss in your home HVAC system by as much as 30%.

Ductless heating and cooling systems also allow for more precise control over the temperature of your home, giving you the ability to shut off rooms that are less-frequently used or accommodate the temperature preferences of various family members.

Ductless Installations Made Easy

Finding a contractor who knows how to properly install ductless a/c systems is no easy task. Offering service to Lititz, Mount Joy, Hershey and beyond, Elizabethtown's Home Climates can provide fast and affordable ductless HVAC system installations. Each installation we complete is backed by a comprehensive 10 year warranty on all parts and labor. We're also the only company to offer the "Five Degree Guarantee", ensuring that each room in your home is heated or cooled to within five degrees of the thermostat setting.

Service and Support for Ductless Cooling and Heating Systems

Ductless HVAC systems also have lower maintenance requirements. When service is required, however, Home Climates will deliver professional work that respects your home, your time and your budget. We have technicians on call 24/7 for any emergency that comes up.

We also guarantee that whenever work is completed, your home will be left in as-good or better condition than it was before we arrived. If you notice any damage to your carpet or furniture that isn't cleaned up, you'll receive a $100 gift for your trouble.

Find out more about ductless cooling and heating systems by contacting Home Climates, Lancaster's home HVAC experts, today!