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We Service all Major Geothermal Heat Pump Manufacturers

When you’ve invested in a high-quality geothermal heat pump by Bosch, Water Furnace, Florida or any other leading manufacturer, it’s important to know your installer can provide ongoing maintenance and service support. At Elizabethtown’s Home Climates, our skilled technicians are fully qualified to provide repairs, inspections and preventative maintenance for all geothermal heat pumps.

You’ve made a smart investment to offset your fossil fuel use with renewable geothermal energy — count on Home Climates for everything you need to ensure your system continues to deliver reliable, efficient performance for as long as you own it.

Emergency Repairs

When something goes wrong with your heat pump, call Home Climates first. We can provide factory-authorized repairs for:

  • Florida Heat Pump — In Harrisburg and beyond, Florida heat pump owners count on Home Climates for all emergency repairs. We service the company’s water-to-air and water-to-water models, including the popular LM, LV and CA product lines.
  • Bosch — Bosch’s residential heat pump lineup includes the BP, CE and CP series. For Bosch repairs in Lancaster and Harrisburg, contact Home Climates first.
  • Water Furnace — Any repairs for Water Furnace heat pumps in Lititz and throughout central PA can be performed by Home Climates. Call our office today for more information.
  • Our service expertise encompasses more than the above brands. If you have an issue with your system, Home Climates is available around-the-clock to help — even if we didn’t install it initially. Our service area includes the greater Harrisburg area as well as Hershey, Elizabethtown and beyond. Convenient online booking makes it easy to have a technician dispatched to your home, so contact us today to learn more.