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Upgrade Your Bathroom with a New Shower Installation

A warm shower is an important part of most people’s morning routine. If your shower isn’t actively contributing to your home comfort, you may want to consider updating it. Elizabethtown’s Home Climates is a leading shower installation contractor for Harrisburg and the central PA region. We are committed to delivering quality work and technical innovation at a price that’s right for any homeowner.

Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Shower

Does your bathroom look dated and drab? Don’t have the time or money to commit to a complete renovation, but want to do something to spruce it up on a budget? A new shower installation may be just the thing you need. A new shower can instantly revitalize your bathroom — and installing one is surprisingly fast, too.

You can also take advantage of newer, more efficient showerheads that deliver better pressure while using less water, as well as adding integrated shelving, accessories and other great features your current shower may be lacking. Add to that the fact that a new shower will easily pay for itself through the value it adds to your property and you’ll see why many homeowners are making this simple renovation a priority.

The Value of a Professional Installation

A reasonably adept do-it-yourselfer can perform basic repairs on their own in many areas of a house. With the exception of simple things — like replacing a showerhead — the bathroom isn’t one of them.

Any work that involves changes to your plumbing is best left to a professional. Not only does a new shower installation require specialized tools most home repair enthusiasts don’t have, the risks of getting it wrong are severe. Improperly connected pipes can lead to leaking which might damage your drywall or other parts of your home. Also, major renovations must be done according to your municipal building code — failing to comply with even a minor issue can create a serious complication if you ever try to sell your home.

Ultimately, you’re better off leaving a new shower installation to the professionals. The team at Home Climates will get the job done right the first time and ensure your bathroom looks its best when the work is done. We minimize the disruption to your life by working around your schedule, and take precautions such as using drop cloths and protective booties so that cleanup afterwards is straightforward. In fact, if you’re not satisfied with the condition we leave your home in, we’ll fix the problem and give you 100 dollars for your trouble.

Explore New Shower Installations at Home Climates

Let our team inspire you by showing how radically a new shower installation can transform your bathroom. Home Climates is proud to be a leading shower installation contractor for Lancaster, Lititz, Hershey and beyond. We work with all major faucet, fixture and tile manufacturers, and can accommodate nearly any design request.

Get started today by contacting our office to request a free consultation and quote from one of our shower installation and bathroom remodeling experts.